Metallic Venetian Blinds

Our Venetian blinds of 25mm and 16mm thickness with 0,23mm sheet dimensions, are widely known for their great durability. The cord mechanism is of excellent quality thereby achieves proper cord containment when it goes up and down. They also provides perfect leaf rotation for best obfuscation. The cords and ladders are acrylic so that they […]


Roller-curtains (rollers) is a modern system designed to achieve proper sun protection combined with either natural lighting in the room or complete blackout. It is consisted of an aluminum tube with a notch that holds the fabric with special underwire, chain mechanism of English origin starting from 32mm, 38mm in colors (white – black – […]

Double Rollers

A new system that may be used to complete shading, but has also the ability to brighten the room without wraps. Their modern fabrics provide a unique style to the space by replacing the curtains. Their double fabric creates a game of light and shade, allowing view without rising them. The roller curtains are sleek, […]

Mosquito Nets

  In an attempt to increase our production in Mosquito Nets, we present you with a wide range of pleated aluminum drivers positioned both up and down (economic solution). We even produce caterpillar pleated blinds. Also, the vertical and horizontal mesh screen is an excellent product for balcony windows, adapted to all types of frames. […]


A proposal for protection from the sun, but also an ideal solution for separating your places according to the latest fashion trends. This solution is ideal for large window openings as panels are manufactured in large fabric dimensions, that move one behind the other when open, allowing light to enter into the space. Available in […]

Vertical Blinds

Vertical blinds are a shading product that provides with proper protection of the area from the sun. Used in large window openings, it creates an impressive decorative element that allows a natural lighting of the area and a full shade at the same time.

Folding Doors

The use of a folding door provides with a handy solution for small spaces (interior doors) while it can serve as a decorating or separating element for a single room. Folding doors can be placed in showers, internal W.C. doors a well as outdoors.

Pleated Blinds

Pleated blinds are a separate product because they not only decorate your room offering perfect shading but also because of their easy mode of use on the most peculiar windows such as triangular, polygonal, trapezoidal, circular and semicircular in angling movement, or sloping roof windows. They are available with different types of single and bi-directional […]


We offer the option of digital printing in all our rollers. You’ll simply provide us with the theme you’d like to print and we’ll take care of the rest. Nevertheless, there is a list of available themes you can find in the link below. SEE THEMES BY CATEGORY Moreover, for the Venetian blinds, it is […]

Wooden Venetian Blinds

Venetian blinds are made of real wood (RAMIN) of 35mm and 50mm. Their function is similar to those of aluminum, with the difference of what the material of wood offers to the space: special warmth for a nice effect. Apart from the simple cord ladder, they can be fitted with fabric ribbon of the same […]

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